DINKY. My first blog post ever.

Well…here goes nothing.

Let me start off this venture by thanking you for your time and attention. Attention is so limited and in such high demand, that the fact that you are devoting even 10 seconds of yours to my blog is very, very much appreciated. Or, maybe no one will ever see this, and I’m just thanking myself and you, imaginary reader. Well, thanks all the same.

Next, allow me to share a little about myself. I am obsessed with food and random bits of pop culture. I am a slightly detached humanitarian and animal lover, sporadic health nut, nerd girl and a California Yuppie from humble beginnings. I am in love with a man who is, on most days, my better self, and on other days, my polar opposite. I am probably not nearly as funny as I like to think I am, and I’m not even a little certain of the direction this blog may take. I could start off with my present mental state of overwhelming confusion and anxiety brought on by attending the first birthday party of a friend’s baby yesterday. Or, I could share the fifteen Paleo recipes I saved for this week’s cooking, or my admittedly overly structured methods of organizing them. Or, maybe I’ll review that new Godzilla movie (spoiler: not that great). The future is wide open for my little fingers! And I hope a manage to squeeze in a little bit of everything, really.

Me, enjoying the giant party we threw for our friends and family in August 2013.

Me, enjoying the giant party we threw for our friends and family in August 2013.

But, the question and conundrum that is children will come up often, I think, since the above mentioned confusion and anxiety served as a muse for this blog and its title. I literally googled “young couple without children” and I found the giggle inducing acronym “DINKY”, meaning Dual Income No Kids…Yet. And that’s where I (we) am (are): At this proverbial fork in the road, where we no longer fit in with our single friends (though I like to think we put in a good effort) and we’re total outsiders with the married with children (MWC) crowd. I can only hope for plenty of time and mental stability to ponder this crossroads.

But for now, my steak is ready and my beer is getting warm, so I will end by saying I’m very much looking forward to this journey. Good night – AY




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